2 Actors who came back and proved their worth on screen again!

2 Actors who came back and proved their worth on screen again!

We have seen the trend for artists to move away from their acting career either due to a bad stint or in the case if the female artists, wedlock. But breaking those barriers are those few artists, who have not only come back on screen with a splash, but also making a mark once again for themselves in the industry.

There are two names that come to my mind in particular when I think of the cinematic second innings. Number one would be Aravind Swamy. And what a come-back too, I say. Our own Roja darling came back with a bang with not just a blockbuster in 2016, but also as the antagonist, in Thani Oruvan. He played his part so well that he even surpassed the hero’s performance.

The movie was a big hit and was remade with him playing opposite actor Ram Charan in Telugu. Aravind Swamy surprised us once again with his film Bogan the very next year. He has 3 films lined up to release this year – Chekka Chivantha Vaanam, Naragasooran and Bhaskar oru Rascal.

Another famous artist who has proven second innings to be a stepping stone in the industry would be our very own Jyothika Saravanan. She is a very experimental artist indeed and proven over and over that anything is possible. She has played a mute character, multiple personality character, played in thriller roles and many more in her past.

She came back to screen with her 36 Vayathinile, a remake of the Malayalam version “How Old Are You” played by Manju Warrier. But it didn’t see as big a response as her older films did and still do at times. It wasn’t even the Magalir Mattum remake that brought her with a punch.

It was Naachiyar who brought back all the whistles, maddening screams, cheering and applause. A very ballsy move indeed by Jyothika to take on a daring role of a “Straight Forward Female Police Officer” (ironic, yes!) Though comparatively a short film, she definitely lived up to the standards of a “Bala movie”, maybe even placed the bar higher now.

There have been other actors too who have seen fame and success even in their second innings. For instance, Saranya Ponvannan, Saravanan and more, but to me, so far there haven’t been any more actors than these two to capture the audience’s hearts as they have done. Imagine what the duo could churn up if they put their heads together?!!

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