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5 Unknown facts about Thala Ajith

5 Unknown facts about Thala Ajith

The name Ajith Kumar has an enormous energy across the masses. The selfless hero has set an example of how to seek success through hardships. At present, he is the undisputed king of Kollywood who has acquired an irreplaceable position.

Here is a list of unknown facts about Thala Ajith.

  • Thala Ajith is an ardent coin-collector. He also collects miniature helmets and stamps. The actor maintains a huge collection, and he still continues.
  • He is a man who doesn’t like publicity. He never advertises his social service campaigns. And he never misses to provide relief funds during any natural calamity within his locality.
  • Thala Ajith loves reading books. His personal favorites are ‘Teaching of Buddha’ and ‘Living with the Himalayan masters’
  • We all know that Ajithkumar was initially a mechanic. But the unknown fact is that he also did garment export business in erode, where he did not get the job satisfaction. His entry into the field of cinema is purely coincidental.
  • Thala Ajith is a man of perfection. He was the initial choice for Director Bala’s ‘Naan Kadavul’. Ajith grew the beard and reduced his weight in abnormal ratios for the sake of the film. Later the film was dropped.

Being in the industry for almost 25 years, Thala Ajith still stands at the top. With the level of the fan base that he enjoys, he could have easily influenced people. But he dissolved his fan clubs, for the betterment of his fans. This quality of Ajith is the reason why he is the ‘Thala’ of South Indian cinema.

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