Actor Kiccha Sudeep shares about Pailwaan!

Actor Kiccha Sudeep shares about Pailwaan!

Actor kiccha Sudeep, one of the superstar’s of the south, clicks with a new film titled Pailwaan, which talks about the power and life of wrestlers. The film was under for a year, for which Sudeep had to work for 8months to get the shape of a wrestler.

Talking about the tough phase, the star said “ Once, when I saw my co-star Kabir dhuran working for months on his body, I was feeling guilty. also, I was aware about the show-off fight scene, which will demand both of us to show our Muscles. If the public witness the differentiation, it will surely humiliate me. That factor urged me to become fit.
once I gave up my upma, kichadi and snacks, I became fit and strong. also, the continuous workout and strict diet made me to lose 13 kgs out from my body. I feel more gravity when I lost my bottom weight. I’m happy for the change, hoping my fans will enjoy too”
The film which had completed its filming is gearing up for post-production and will release in early2019.Pailwaan is directed by s.krishna and bankrolled by RRR motion pictures

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