Can movies like Hey Ram be made now?

Can movies like Hey Ram be made now?

With more and more lovers traversing the city, speaking of caste and religion is still a taboo. There are still activists waiting to pounce on anyone who discriminates or even thinks of commenting on religious war fares. We still find a lot of couples eloping, struggling to convince families. The entire concept of marrying for the future of the couple is lost in the fame and losing name in the community and society.

Regardless of television programs that promise to solve family issues and discuss the pros and cons of topics with a mediator in between, it only leads to more rage and the program becomes a laughing stock for the public. Without any value for their word, even the media doesn’t exactly have a good name with the public. Events and programs are conducted for promotional purposes and for the sake of increasing TRP. How else can this basic issue of religion and caste be solved?

There have been times when movies and actors have brought a significant change in the public and the government. But in this age and political scenario, do suppose a movie like HEY RAM would even survive the scrutiny of the censor board? It’s almost as if people don’t wish for such differences to be solved in the hearts of the people. Protestors from nowhere jump out of the blue and wants any film to be banned for offending their religious sentiment. This makes us really wonder what is the sole purpose of a censor board?

A script so strong that it pierces the conscience of the public, brings about a change even in the staunchest of beliefs, bringing about a massive acceptance from the older generations, is it even a possibility?

Only time will stand witness to such a direction for sure. So let’s wait and hope for some sunshine even in harsher times like these.

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