The Superstitions combiation of Illayaraja – S.P.Balasubramaniam – Mohan

We Tamilians are generally known to be pretty superstitious in our day to day life. Regardless of our religion, cast or faiths, there is a tiny part of us that ...[Read More]

The magic of the past is still alive in the pop and rap of today

While there are a few snappy upbeat numbers of today that leave us singing the same song over and over, the retro music is a magical musical memoir we cherish a...[Read More]

The Favourite and Famous Robinhoods of Kollywood

We South Indians are a big fan of fairy tale characters. We enjoy the dramatic display of simple concepts, we enjoy the dramatic portrayal of lead characters, t...[Read More]

Sridevi – The Legend that swept Kollywood and Bollywood off its feet

54 and still young, our all-time favorite female star Sridevi passed away yesterday, leaving us all in shock and grief. A very iconic actor, she has remained in...[Read More]

Tamil feature cop stories

Of all the government departments that serve the people of our state, the one division that we both fear and cheer is the Police unit. They give us a sense of s...[Read More]

Should the artists prefer more challenging genres over general public preferred masala sequences?

Even in the presence of a number of competitive theatres screening multiple shows of several movies in and around all cities world over, there simply don’t seem...[Read More]

Rope Removal, Matte Shots, Stunts and their Evolution across the years – Action Choreography at its Best!

For years we have been at the receiving end of action sequences. Right from the 60s up till now fights have changed in the least bit, but the choreography style...[Read More]

Mother is a character, but Amma is an Emotion!

Indian Cinema is pretty famous for the sentiments and emotions played on screen. And our very own Kollywood is filled with amazing talented mother characters. Y...[Read More]

Madhavan and Mani Ratnam – An Evergreen Combo

I know when I say evergreen combo, all you movie addicts will immediately revert to the famous hero-heroine combo or the comedian combo in the movies so far. Ea...[Read More]


Directors may come go; but a few stay on forever in the heart and mind of the public. M.R.Viswanathan aka Visu is one such talent. Writer, director, producer, a...[Read More]

Ajith and Y.S.R – The perfect Match for Movie Making

These two kings of Kollywood have had their success both together and apart. But each time they have come together, the magic has been unstoppable. With Y.S.R’s...[Read More]

1000 Thirai Kanda Aachi

Aachi as she was fondly known, actress Manorama was an epitome of inspiration to people all over the world. She has given us a multitude of expressions and emot...[Read More]

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