3 Top Actresses who had suicidal deaths

3 Top Actresses who had suicidal deaths

From Hollywood to Kollywood, it takes only a fraction of a second for a star to disintegrate to nothingness. Behind the smokescreen of glitter, charisma and vivacity, hide the gloom, drabness, listlessness and darkness of filmdom. It is even harder for a female actor to survive as well as their counterparts in the industry. The casting couch has seen it all and has been shared by all too. A male actor may resort to drinking, indulge in drugs or have affairs to get out of their depression and still remain unscathed.

Trust me when I say this, regardless of color, cast and status, this choice is frowned upon with women. Suppressing their depressions, failures, struggle for recognition have led many stars to take the wrong step. Many budding and promising actors of Kollywood can be listed under this category..

Fatafat Jayalakshmy  who debuted in Aval Oru Thodarkadhai fell in love with MGR’s nephew and married him. At the peak of her career she ended her life by hanging herself.  What a waste of talent and fame! “Silk” Smitha, the dream of every man and the envy of every woman was rather daring to do erotic roles and became quite popular from nobody.  She had producers queueing at her door steps for call sheets. Very successful in her career, she ended her life by poisoning herself at the age of 35. No one knew why. Although, her success in the industry can be measured by the response to the movie that was filmed as a tribute to Silk Smitha – The Dirty picture.

“Kozhi Koovuthu” Viji who made her debut through Gangai Amaran’s Kozhi koovuthu, went on to act in over 40 movies. She acted in her last movie Simmasanam by Vijayakanth. She had acted aside the actor in many films and had been promised a role in his next film as well. However, a love failure with a married director drove her into ending her life.

Some more short lived actors are Monal, Prathusha, Mayoori. A field not suited to the sensitive or the fickle minded? Will there be repeats of such feats in the present generation of actors or have they all learnt to take success and failures in their strides?

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