Radha Mohan

Radha Mohan (Born 20 November 1965) was born in Trivandrum. Mohan is an Indian film director of the South Indian film industry. He has, to date, directed eight films, four of which have been commercially successful. Radha Mohan began work o...[Read More]

George C. Williams

George C. Williams is an Indian cinematographer, who works in the Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam film industry. As a youngster, George C. Williams revealed he had a passion for keeping track of lighting, camera angles and framing in Tamil film...[Read More]

Srikanth Deva

Srikanth Deva (Born 7 September 1980) is a music director of Tamil films. Srikanth married febi Mani on 21 February 2005 at Chennai. Their first daughter Varanya, was born in 2007. He made his debut as music director in the Tamil movie Doub...[Read More]

Abinandhan Ramanujam

Abinandhan Ramanujam is an Indian cinematographer who hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He has worked in Malayalam and Hindi films. His collaborations with filmmaker Lijo Jose Pellissery were highly acclaimed.His filmography Amen (Malayal...[Read More]

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