Planet hulk: The movie ‘Marvel’ abandoned!!

Planet hulk: The movie ‘Marvel’ abandoned!!

With the release of the 2017 Marvel block buster ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ fans across the world were hyped for a rebooted look at the ‘Thor’ franchise, given that previous movies were dark, lacking plot, substance and generally gave audiences the feeling that the movie existed simply for character exposition and boosting the franchise forward. A movie just for the sake of a sequel. This was the apparent trend until Marvel came out with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ which consisted of characters and story plots that many fans weren’t very aware of unless they were hardcore marvel fans. To everyone’s surprise, it brought something new and exciting, not just to the Marvel franchise but to the entire genre of superhero movies. It was fresh, funny, had excellent story plot that was simple to grasp and plenty of action to keep us from wanting.

Following the success of this, Marvel remodelled it’s latest installment in the Thor movie franchise accordingly and provided many of the same elements: great soundtrack, light mood, plenty of action, and a simple plot that gave us more bang for our buck and at the same time did the job of getting into more detail on the avenger we knew little about. It gave us everything we were missing in the ‘Thor’ movies and covered the missing pieces in the previous film; ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

Everything was well in place except for one thing; Hulk’s own movie!

True marvel comic fans know that the appearance of Hulk in the Thor movie and the story arc, was based around the ‘Planet Hulk’ comics. This brings into question; when Marvel will bring in a rebooted, fresh take on a stand-alone Hulk movie, as a stand-alone ‘Planet hulk’ movie recounting Dr. Banner’s disappearance   at the end of the previous film would be a big hit with fans. Be it the issue copyrights disputes or artistic differences or all of the above, we as marvel fans would definitely watch a marvel reboot for our ‘angry green giant’.

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