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Hi Dear Friends and Fans...!
As you wished I would like to let you know that I am back on board as a director of #LaxmmiBomb with @akshaykumar https://t.co/9HRHF5y2VV
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Brother very nice 👍
U did it better than me..
All the best.... #karhikeya3k https://t.co/Uf8Amq8FUV

Hi dear Friends and Fans..!

In association with @behindwoods and #SaravanaSelvarathnam, I'm feeling extremely proud and satisfied in building 18 homes to Gaja affected Delta region. Hopefully more people join us to bring happiness to affected families.

Raghava Lawrence https://t.co/MkuNlgqQev
Behindwoods @behindwoods
Raghava Lawrence காப்பாற்றிய கிராமம் - மனமுருகிய மக்கள்..- MUST WATCH VIDEO

Full Video: https://t.co/x8xx4FtQ4O

@offl_Lawrence #Gaja https://t.co/dFNiyTgIfc

Hi Dear Friends and Fans!
Good news to all, Our 154th open heart surgery has been success..
Thanks for all your prayers.. https://t.co/qfI5gW89Ff
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Dear Friends and Fans!!!
Wanted to share this important message to all the fans who were Genuinely concerned.
#LaxmmiBomb https://t.co/XTr4gEvnoR
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