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Ram cinemas –“Thalapathy den”

Ram cinemas –“Thalapathy den”

Thalapathy Vijay, Superstar for B and C centers, celebrate Vijay like a “demi-god” in each of his movie releases. There are many theatres who celebrate it like a festival. Still, none could match Ram cinemas, Nellai. Ram- Muthuram cinemas owned by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam awardee Ramasamy Raja, is considered to be the fort of Thalapathy. Ram cinemas have witnessed many celebrations of various stars but still, none could touch the celebration level of Vijay’s movies. 140 ft cut-out for Theri and 120 ft for Bairavaa marked the tallest one for any theatres in Tamil Nadu till date.
A 4k BARCO projector and push back seats are the minimum feel given by them, which is considered to be the maximum one in many theatres in Nellai. Sales of tender coconut for market rate, was first introduced by Ram Cinemas, like ginger beer from Krishnalaya in Cuddalore.

Opening ticket reservation 2 to 3 days before marks as the best strategy followed by ram cinemas to avoid the rush. Golden banners with Thalapathy Vijay cut-outs and lights will give us a temple like a feel. The celebration of “FDFS”, with Chandamelam, marks the best experience of any Movie buffs. Ram Cinemas is one of the very few theatres which still follow paintings as their promotional strategy, which was widely followed in 80’s and 90’s. Special editing team plays the most vital role in any star’s birthday screening or first look release. Even a first look poster of thalapathy’s movie gets screened here between any ongoing shows with special edit video. You can see even the teaser of the star gets a special screening with banners erected for it.

Vijay’s average grossers like Velayutham, Vettaikkaran, managed to run over 100 days. Blockbuster’s like Thupakki, Ghilli, Kaththi, Madura, and Sivakasi crossed around 125 days. Flops like Azhagiya Tamil Magan, Sura, and Jilla managed to run around 50 days. Even dubbed and other language films are released here, just with hope on Ram cinemas atmosphere. After gaining the respect from thalapathy fans, Ram cinemas took a rage and caught even thalapathy Vijay’s attention. As a result, we can see a single shot of the theatre in star’s recent flick “Bairavaa” as the movie had Nellai backdrop.

In 25 years of Thalapathy Vijay, with 61 movies, this theatre screened 23 movies in their career span over 20 years. Ram Cinemas owner is proud of revealing the fact that the fans from Dubai, Malaysia, and European countries come here just to watch the celebration with Thalapathy fans. Theatre owner even managed to bring Raghava Lawrence for the FDFS of Motta shiva ketta shiva, and Vishal for “Irumbu thirai” Even thalapathy Vijay fans club joined with Ram cinemas for many festivals and special screenings for orphanage and old age homes. This is considered to be very rare phenomena in any down south theatres. Now, the theatre has changed their show timings each 15 minutes earlier, and buzz says there will be a short span of renovation before the grand entry of “Sarkar”.

As far as fan war is concerned, Twitter and Facebook page fights between Thala and Thalapathy fans have bought possessiveness on this theatre. Administration of Ram cinemas has officially said that they don’t focus or act biased for any fans, as their main motive is the Celebration of cinema. “Kasi” in Chennai described as Thala fort always have a greater bond with Ram cinemas as you can see them in twitter congratulating each other on any festivals. Printers, and digital poster makers of Nellai say they celebrate Vijay’s movie release as their Bonus day, as they receive thrice the money as their turnover compared to normal days”. Wanna have the best experience of Thalapathy’s movie? Board a bus to Nellai!

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