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What is the Ratchasan director’s next?

What is the Ratchasan director’s next?
Director Ramkumar’s Ratchasan with Vishnu Vishal has received a positive response from the audience and good crowd in the theaters. The film’s success meets happened on Saturday and it was revealed that the director would be working with Dhanush for his next and also the sequel to Mundasupatti is also on cards.
When taking at the event director Ramkumar said, “The story for Mundasupatti 2 is already. I got the idea for the sequel when we completed Mundasupatti, but didn’t want it to be my immediate next. I wanted to get out of that mood and hence decided to travel on a different path and that is how Ratchasan happened. Doing Mundasupatti 2 is confirmed, but it won’t be my next film, because that deals with a different subject. Completing that film, maybe my next after that would be Mundasupatti 2.”
When Vishnu Vishal spoke, he confirmed that the director’s next would be with Dhanush and here is what he said, “As you all (addressing the media) know, Ramkumar’s next film is with Dhanush. I wish him all the best for that project. He is one super comfortable director to work with, and one of those whom I really admire. I constantly followed him up for doing Ratchasan and it happened. Now, I have told him that we need to work on one more project together, and I hope Mundasupatti 2 will be that. It is one super exciting story and I have already listened to it.”

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