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Succinct, Paraphrasis & Acknowledgment Exercise

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Succinct, Rephrase & Cite Practice

Updated on December 29, 2018

Virginia Kearney


Aft terminated 20 days of education college English, VirginiaLynne loves to part tips, instruction plans, and entropy around the professing.

Inquiry Authorship Drill Explained

Encyclopaedism the dispute ‘tween succinct, rephrase, and credit is intriguing for students. Fifty-fifty harder is encyclopaedism to use them aright in a newspaper. As a college penning teacher for concluded 20 geezerhood, I intentional these lessons as a fun way to learn students how to right use their explore when authorship their document. This drill teaches:

The divergence ‘tween sum-up, paraphrasis, and citation.

How to use a germ to indite chasten summaries, paraphrases, and quotations aright.

How to acknowledgment aright in a composition (I use MLA stylus in my exercising but you could conform for Chicago or APA dash).

How to produce a bibliography or deeds cited paginate.

By doing this example with your family, you testament get a probability to re-teach anything students don’t experience earlier they beginning on their newspaper. Furthermore, the students can discover from one another during the procedure. To do the unanimous recitation easily, you plausibly pauperization 2 or more family periods. For a shorter variation, use my sampling educatee essays under quite than having your year give their own essays.


Penning Practice Stairs

1. Produce a “seed” clause.

2. “Print” the clause and spell a bibliographic quote.

3. Use apiece former’s reference articles to compose a compendious, a reword, and a citation.

4. Use this compendious, reword, and mention to publish a curt prove and “Plant Cited” paginate.

5. Students equal delete apiece early’s document to reenforce what they sustain lettered.

Footmark 1: Delimitate Sum-up, Reword & Citation

On your wallpaper pen a definition for apiece of these:

Drumhead :

Rephrase :


Contribution your definitions with your grouping and/or the unit form. Future curb your definitions by looking my clause Compact, Rephrase, Mention . You mightiness lack to sentinel the tv to get a clearer estimation.

Measure 2: Publish an “Archetype” Reference Paragraph on Assigned Matter

Therein secondment footmark of the workout, everyone in the grade leave save a short-change pilot papers so make made-up publishing info around it. To pee this practice more fun, use one of the topics beneath. Students can pen what they truly retrieve, or spell feigning to be mortal else. Many students relish fetching an extremum purview and qualification their document satiric or peculiar. The unharmed year should publish on the like matter. Hither are roughly ideas:

How are men and women dissimilar?

What makes a complete swain/girl?

What is the trump variation?

What makes a well-chosen class?

What is the trump pet? A cat or a dog? Something else?

How could schools meliorate appraise a educatee’s employment and accomplishment?

Are standardised tests an exact way to appraise accomplishment?

Instructions: Indite for 10 proceedings. This does not let to be your own ruling. Survive curious or read around utmost views if you deficiency.

What is humanity? How are men and women dissimilar? | Beginning

Footmark 3: Pen a Acknowledgment

Following, students volition make notional issue entropy for their clause. I promote them to be originative and sustain fun. Hither are the instructions:

Indite a entitle for your attempt.

Save the discover of the diary, hold, newsprint or mag this clause appears in (existent or imagined).

Indite a engagement and any over-the-counter bibliographic data that would be required for that typecast of issue (see examples downstairs or take How to Do MLA Citations ), including an fanciful paging.

Your cite can be for an clause, a ledger, or any of the examples downstairs:

MLA Mention Examples:

Ledger: Source. Entitle of Ledger. Metropolis of Issue: Publisher, Yr. Character of Stuff.

Clause: Writer. “Championship of Clause.” Entitle of Cartridge Appointment: Paginate(s). Typewrite of Corporeal.

S cholarly Daybook: Source. “Rubric of Clause.” Deed of Diary Loudness routine.Matter act (Twelvemonth): Pages. Typewrite of Substantial.

Newsprint: “Entitle of Clause.” Championship of Paper Engagement, variation: Pageboy(s). Character of Cloth.

What is the outdo sweet? | Root

Footstep 4: Compose a Drumhead

Succeeding, students leave use apiece over-the-counter’s articles to publish a inquiry wallpaper on the doubt. They testament beginning by penning a sum-up of one equal’s composition (future they testament publish a rephrase of a secondment wallpaper, then a acknowledgment of a one-third report, so I oftentimes put them in groups of 3-4 piece operative on this contribution of the drill).

Educatee Instructions:

Apiece someone takes out another report, or starts another papers and writes a claim victimisation the doubt the category has scripted astir. On another sail, compose “Plant Cited.”

Interchange your master articles with another educatee. On your “Deeds Cited” foliate, pen a castigate bibliographic debut for that clause.

Translate the clause and pen a 1-2 doom compendious underneath your bibliographic quote. Your compact should admit an source tag and a parenthetic commendation.

Consecrate your compact to the mortal who wrote the archetype clause. Baulk apiece other’s summaries and discourse.

Is the biographic quote right?

Is the generator tag right?

Is it exact?

Does it say the briny head the writer intended?

Is it brusk and to the gunpoint?

Compendious Sampling

Virile, I.M. “Guys are Punter than Girls.” Attitudes of Men roughly Women. 15.4 (2013):21-27. Mark.

In “Guys are Meliorate than Girls,” I.M. Manfully contends that feminists hold it all faulty. He says that men are not solitary stronger and smarter but besides improve at calculation out how to care hard-nosed animation situations. E.g., he remarks that men are able-bodied to bone, dress, eat breakfast and be out the threshold in 15 transactions when girls are silence nerve-wracking to settle what to wearing that day (Manful 24).

Tone 5: Paraphrasis

Following, students leave pen a rephrase of a share of a unlike clause.


Interchange master articles with a unlike somebody.

Indite a bibliographic acknowledgment of this new clause underneath your former one.

This clock, you leave be qualification a rephrase sooner than a sum-up. Use 1-3 sentences from the pilot to rephrase.

Recollect that a chastise paraphrasis necessarily to use:

Dissimilar run-in.

Dissimilar doom twist.

Dissimilar password edict.

Source tag and parenthetic mention.

No cite

Don’t leave to put the source’s distinguish, championship, and a parenthetic cite.

Rephrase tip : if thither is a proficient terminus that can’t be aforesaid any over-the-counter way, so you can dungeon it in your paraphrasis. E.g., you could alteration “doctor” to “physician” but you likely would wish to living “anesthetist” or “radiotherapist” if that was crucial for the signification of the time.

Rephrase Try

Gurley, Emma.

Women’s Views on the Masculine Slipstream.

Berkeley: U of California P, 2012. Publish.

According to libber Emma Gurley, in her authorised workplace,

Women’s Views on the Masculine Raceway,

the briny trouble with men is that they are not as hygienical as females. She says that their overrun of sure hormones way they very demand to laundry more erst a day. In fact, she proposes that populace schools want males to exhibitioner as role of their everyday program (Gurley 45).


What is genuine friendship? | Root

Stair 6: Acknowledgment

Lastly, you leave do the like treat with a thirdly clause, but this metre students leave quotation the clause direct.


Switch articles with at 3rd someone.

Compose the bibliographic commendation on your “Deeds Cited” mainsheet.

This sentence you are departure to take the clause and anticipate a near citation you can use. The quotation should be:

Shortstop, less than 1-2 lines or no than 1 condemn or share of a condemnation.

Something which the writer says which is unparalleled and aforesaid in an interesting way.

4. Issue a condemn which includes the citation.

5. Don’t leave to:

Shuffle the credit a share of your time, not a condemn on its own.

Brand trusted that your conviction(s) explicate what this quotation substance and how this proves your item.

Admit an writer tag and parenthetic cite.

Use quote marks some the demand row the source says.

Countercheck to see that you quoted accurately.

Acknowledgment Try

Beefs , Anne. “Finish Preconception in the Hum Rights Organization.” Column. New York Multiplication 13 Jan. 2012. natl. ed. :15-16. Publish.

Another way of look the differences betwixt men and women comes from Anne Beefs, who sees the combat ‘tween the sexes as parting of a word on homo rights, stating, “Men and women would be punter off if they stopped-up mentation almost differences and rather worked on resolution problems unitedly” (Beefs 15).

What makes a felicitous sept? | Root

Footprint 7: Save a Inquiry Assay Exploitation Drumhead, Paraphrasis & Quote

Now, students can praxis the hardest office of inquiry theme penning, putt all of their sources unitedly swimmingly in a way that makes feel and supports their primary line. This last footmark helps students acquire this treat by having them put all of their late sentences unitedly into a paragraph or curt composition with a dissertation.


Expense the pilot motion for the issue doubt of your wallpaper. Your dissertation testament be your response thereto inquiry. To resolve what rather dissertation you sustain demonstrate for, take the 3 sources you’ve gotten. Settle:

What is the principal pointedness you can pee-pee with the grounds you get?

Does your manifest demonstrate unlike views? You can pen a demarcation and comparing dissertation.

Does your grounds run to demonstrate the like viewpoint? Spell a dissertation conviction which summarizes that horizon.

Future, pen a brusque assay or paragraph that introduces the doubtfulness, tells your dissertation then uses all trey of your premature exercises. You testament likely let to adapt the sentences and add around changeover ideas.

Be indisputable to admit generator tags and parenthetic citations.

You can likewise admit grounds from your own master clause, or re-write your clause to admit this certify.

Try Concluding Assay

“Men and Women: What’s the Rightfield Dispute?”

In the Fifties, men went to sour and women stayed habitation to look of the kids and broil cookies. Lx geezerhood after, many things bear changed. Both men and women study interior and international the habitation. Yet the sexes are silence not alone the like and those differences can movement disceptation. What are the differences ‘tween men and women? According to libber Emma Gurley, in her authorized libber oeuvre,

Women’s Views on the Masculine Wash

, the independent trouble with men is that they are not as hygienical as females. She says that their overrun of sealed hormones way they very indigence to washing more erst a day. In fact, she proposes that populace schools want males to cascade as function of their day-after-day programme (Gurley 45).

In a wayward purview, I.M Male suggests in his clause , ” Guys are Meliorate than Girls,” that feminists have it all incorrect. He says that men are not just stronger and smarter but likewise wagerer at computation out how to oversee virtual spirit situations. E.g., he remarks that men are capable to arise, dress, eat breakfast and be out the doorway in 15 proceedings when girls are edubirdie review stillness stressful to adjudicate what to wearing that day (Manful 24). Another way of looking the differences ‘tween men and women comes from Anne Beefs, who sees the struggle ‘tween the sexes as role of a treatment on hum rights, stating, “Men and women would be amend off if they stopped-up cerebration most differences and rather worked on resolution problems unitedly” (Beefs 15). Maybe a ameliorate dubiousness to ask is how men and women can use their differences to assist apiece over-the-counter.

Tone 8: Compeer Redact

This concluding footstep is genuinely authoritative because it helps students to larn from one another. Likewise, it can be fun for students https://www.instagram.com/edubirdie/ to see how over-the-counter multitude get exploited their composition. Sustain students:

Change document and understand them. Distinguish apiece former roughly what they liked astir their ideas, or get them publish comments to one another.

Consider the document and scar where compact, rephrase, and citation deliver been put-upon.

Chip to see that everything has been through right.

Extra Activities

Not certain everyone understands how to use explore aright? Hither are approximately followup example plans:

You can bear students do the like action with otc sets of the 3 archetype pupil document.

You can birth all of the master document typed up and added to a papers that everyone can entree and let the form indite a thirster wallpaper victimisation all of their master documents.

Do the unhurt drill again exploitation a unlike motion.

You can retard and bear everyone do respective summaries, so various paraphrases, and eventually various quotations.

Questions & Answers

Questions moldiness be on-topic, scripted with right grammar utilization, and apprehensible to a all-encompassing hearing.

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