Why superstar title still under Thalaivar Rajinikanth?

Why superstar title still under Thalaivar Rajinikanth?

Superstar, the place where every little emerging actor wishes to end their cinematic career, which marks a special spot for everyone. The star who has given more than 160+films, who worked on numerous blockbuster ventures, few failures, being the darling for the producers, holds this spot.
Superstar Rajinikanth from being a bus conductor in Karnataka transport emerged to be tamilnadu’s superstar.
After his entry in late 80’s till now, the star remains an undisputed lighthouse for all the sailors in cinema. we had witnessed the next generation stars, starting from Vijay, Ajith to Sivakarthikeyan having a special eye on the spot.
Though they hold their own spot in people’s heart, still have an attraction on becoming the next superstar.

2003, was the year, which showcased the real battle for the next superstar titled, where we saw both actors Vijay and Ajith, accepting the fact on the title was their aim. Though Vijay mentioned, portrayed himself as the next superstar via ventures, but Ajithkumar outraged his wish in an interview.

Till then there was no fan war taking place between these actors, started to flow out after 2003. Though this helped the stars to hype their market level but disturbed the lower tier which constitutes producers and distributors.
On a chat with notable film critics, their common complaint is, the rivalries Rajini and Kamal, never fought as Thala Thalapathy fans do. This eventually slows down the fans attraction towards the rival stars.

Also, during the period from (1999-2004) the superstar, didn’t enjoy any commercial success, where his much expected “BABA” went on to become a box office failure. This period led to the emergence of next-generation actors like Vijay, Ajith, Surya, Vikram, Dhanush, Simbu to showcase their box office stamina.
This eventually shocked the fans, as the superstar was also targeted for his political statements and commitments. Many leading magazines and media came to the plot and was very keen on finding the next superstar.
2005, is the year which marked a comeback year for both the superstar and his fans, as the year leads to the birth of “chandramukhi”. The movie which came under p.vasu direction emerged to be the industry hit, by collecting over 75 crores, running over 765 days.
This eventually shocked the Media, then the so-called successor’s as they could find any fact to dump Rajinikanth, as this hit vanished all the negativities on him.
Then came Sivaji, joining hands with Enthiran dump the haters still more and to emerge the undisputed superstar. Comeback is not new for the star as he had again a series of flops with Kochadaiyaan and lingaa, who came back in action with pa.ranjith’s Kabali.
Now, at present the star had a shake after the release of “Kaala”, has it came after the political entry of superstar.though the movie had a great review still lost in terms of Craze.

As the star said, “Superstar is a place, which can be compared to a station master, there will be a sure alternate for the spot for every generation, as no one have any right to hold it for themselves including me”

Will Rajinikanth hold the title despite all the political negativities around him, as he did it for more

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