Suseenthiran (Born 31 March 1978) who originally hails from a small village called Amarapoondi in Pazhani, was always "crazy about films" like his father and his uncle, who had made a film years ago, that never got released. Though his family did not want him to become a director and "waste" his life on films, he was sure that he would be a filmmaker one day. To achieve his dream, he came to Chennai, when he was 18 years old and needed 12 years to make his first film. Susindran had worked as assistant director to prominent filmmakers as S. D. Sabha and Ezhil, before turning an independent director.

His maiden venture, titled Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, was released in 2009, receiving rave accolades. Also he was said to be inspired from success of the 2002 Bollywood film Lagaan, which was based on cricket. During this film's final stages of post-production, he started working on his third film, titled Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai. Suseenthiran revealed that Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai was planned to be his second directorial, but since no producer was willing to fund the film with an offbeat theme, he chose to make a film featuring a known lead actor first.

Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai, based on Bhaskar Sakthi's novel, likewise fetched critical acclaim. It was screened at 2011 Toronto International Film Festival in Contemporary World Cinema category. Suseenthiran finished his fourth venture, titled Rajapattai, starring Vikram and Deeksha Seth in the lead.His fifth flick Adalal kadhal seiver which was released in August 2013 received a highly positive response.This movie contains a strong message of premature love and teen pregnancy.The climax of the movie made many to cry and it was emotional.

For 2013 Diwali his film Pandiyanadu was released along with Aarambam and All in AzhaguRaja, Vishal as hero and lakshmi menon as heroine and bharathiraja in a special role. The film came without any high expectation as vishal's previous movies were not up to a mark. But Suseenthiran again proved his excellency in this film and a very important movie for vishal in his career.

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