Thalapathy Vijay’s political hardships!

Thalapathy Vijay’s political hardships!

“Thalapathy Vijay”, a powerful name which can never be missed in and around the TN political arena. The star who enjoys a huge fan base around the world, especially In TN changed them under a single name which leads to the birth of “Vijay Makkal Iyakkam”.
The emergence of VMI in 2009 shook the entire public, as his senior star “Rajinikanth” was the one who was highly expected to make his political entry. Surprisingly at that time, his so-called rival Thala Ajith dismantled his fan’s club at that period. This had a great joy for the star and his fans, as the name “VIJAY” was spinning all over the state. This also made the scattered fans to come under a single “shed as VMI members”.
Let’s have a recap on Thalapathy Vijay’s move towards politics via cinema,

This was the period in which Thalapathy Vijay started to face problems on a higher note. To the point, the problem at this time was literally witnessed by his fans and the public. His “Kavalan”, which is an official remake of Malayalam blockbuster “bodyguard”, was planned for Pongal release but couldn’t make it. But manage to hold a spot on the next day, and become a commercial hit. Als the buzz at the time, was the ruling party was the culprit who indirectly opposed the film’s release.
In the next 9 months span, Vijay came up with “Velayudham” under Mohan raja direction, which to becomes a commercial hit. Interestingly the film had scenes supporting the ruling party.
this miracle happened during the 2011 state election in which the star’s VMI supported the opposing party, which become one of the few reasons for their victory. Also, we saw the reaction among the public thought process which denoted that the actor was the major reason for the government formation.
in the mid-2011, there were also incidents in which the star supported Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption, who was the second Tamil actor after Thalaivar Rajinikanth to support him. Next, we saw the actor meeting Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, on a friendly note.
This Mixup’s made the journalists and media people go high on the star’s political entry but fans stood behind the star and had a mixed reaction on his moves. Interestingly Some opposed this, many appreciated this as they want their idol to reach them socially,

Though Velayudham didn’t have a blockbuster status led him to join with the star director A.R.Murugadoss for the first time. this time the ruling party didn’t show much opposition to the film but tried to ignore VMI, as they never wanted to share their victory with anyone.
Murugadoss’s “THUPAKKI” which fired on Diwali, with a lot of struggles, starting from the criticism on first look which features the star with a cigar to the Muslim community opposition on first look.
This time a “religious” party” started to support Vijay and his film, which helped The film to become the industry hit and the second Tamil film to join the elite 100 CR club. This victory gave the title “The king of box-office.
This is the time, where the star focused on social plots which lead director A.L.Vijay to give “Thalaivaa” in 2013.
Even though the star had given many hits, still Thalaivaa holds a special place In fans heart. This film featured a caption as “time to lead”, which grabbed the attention of the rulers, which eventually disturbed the film’s release. The film was slotted on August 9th but got delayed for 12 days after the assurance on the removal of the tag.
These back to back chaos disturbed both the star and his fans. parallelly we could see Thala Ajith giving back to back hits without any negativity around his film
After a few months, the current PM met Thalapathy Vijay during the campaign of 2014 elections, just on a friendly note, minorly helped them to conquer the country, to become the Prime minister.
This made VMI happier but still, there was a struggle in his box office numbers after an average run of both “Jilla” AND “Thalaivaa” which led the star to again join with A.R.Murugadoss.
When Vijay took “Kaththi” in 2014, we could see many opposing him, especially Velmurugan from TVK party opposed the film as it was from LYCA. The film emerged to become the biggest hit, which beat superstar’s Lingaa in 2014. As a bonus “Kaththi” had many furious dialogues on opposite party, with a special mention on 2g scam just to gain the soft corner again from the ruling party. Parallel this had a black mark on the star from the opposition party supporters

2016- present
Though the next, “Puli” and “Theri” didn’t have much opposition, which questioned the politics around the star by the public. This smoothness pushed the star to join with director Bharathan for Bairavaa in 2017, which had a decent response due to jallikattu movement, in which even the star raised his voice against the ruling party.
This rage against the star was saved by the members for his next “Mersal”, in which the star had many dialogues against the GST policies implemented by the rulers. This triggered the Members of the ruling party to oppose him badly. They even started mocking him by name and religion, which helped an average film, to become the biggest hit of the year.
Also “mersal”took the star to the superstar status, which geared him back to work again with director A.R.Murugadoss. This movie titled “Sarkar” and bankrolled by sun pictures.

As we saw the star’s speech in sarkar audio launch, which boiled out the star’s irritation against the rulers, which also showcased the pain of TN public, let’s wait to witness the magic from “Sarkar”

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